iChoice Meds App for iChoice Med-Reminder
iChoice Meds is developed to help users to take right medication on time on a daily base. User can use iChoice Meds to remind himself/herself to take pills on time daily.
By inviting Caregiver, if the user misses a reminder once, the caregiver will be notified, so the caregiver can reach and remind the user to take the pill.
iChoice Meds help people build good habits and keep healthy.
All iChoice products are compatible
with the FREE iChoiceLife App.
iChoice helps you focus on your everyday activities.
You can track your weight, food intake, blood pressure, heart rate,
oxygen concentration and sleep progress to help you stay on the
path to fitness.
With the iChoice Life App, you can set target goals, track progerss
and share your journey with friends.